Buttle UK provides intelligently targeted grants of up to £2,000 to remove the material barriers to a child or young person’s education and wellbeing.

The charity does this via their Chances for Children grants: a holistic package averaging around £1,500 in value which are designed to meet the multiple needs of vulnerable children and young people in financial hardship who may have any number of support needs. They could be fleeing domestic abuse, living in kinship care arrangements, estranged from family or have experienced homelessness, neglect or poor physical and mental health.

Did you know...

The money you raise could fund a bed for a child who had previously been sleeping on the floor, counselling to a young boy who has fled an abusive home with his mother or a laptop to support a homeless teenager begin their first college course.

Last year Buttle UK gave out over 3,000 children’s beds; one of their most commonly requested items. The charity’s research indicates that up to 400,000 children in the UK could be without a proper bed of their own.

What makes Buttle UK different

Buttle UK receives applications from across the UK from a unique network of 4,000 referral organisations, allowing the organisation to track spending to make sure it reaches those who need it most. Not only this, but due to the legacy left by its founder Frank Buttle, the east-London clergyman who gives the charity it’s name, Buttle UK can cover all of it’s own administration costs. What this means is that 100% of every penny you raise goes directly towards helping a child or young person in crisis.

Other ways to support

Buttle UK regularly reviews both the range and efficacy of their grant programmes and compares them against national child poverty statistics to see which areas of the UK refer fewer cases than expected given the known level of need. The charity is always grateful to supporters who are willing to assist outreach efforts in these areas and to raise the positive public profile of the organisation, its grant programmes and the issues their clients face.


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