Calm Mediation believe that by helping one individual at a time they are improving the health and wellbeing of London communities overall. Having operated for more than 20 years they run several services:

Community Mediation Service Helps reduce tension amongst neighbours. Volunteer mediators use a facilitative model of mediation to assist clients in creating their own workable, lasting solutions to problems.

Restorative Justice Service Gives victims a safe way to communicate with a person who has caused them harm. We equip our volunteer facilitators with the skills and knowledge to provide a safe space and help the individuals involved find a positive way forward.

Calm Mediation is an effective solution which protects, heals and empowers.

While Calm is effective at dealing with conflict, resources are still stretched and limited. They rely on donations to keep supporting communities in conflict resolution to foster insight and understanding in place of prejudice and harassment.

This might surprise you...

Restorative justice led to a 14% reduction in the rate of reoffending and for every £1 spent on delivering a face to face meeting, £8 was saved through reductions in reoffending. - Restorative Justice Council findings in 2014

15.8 million work hours are lost each year because of mental health issues including stress, depression and anxiety according to the Office for National Statistics (2016 research by ONS).

Calm Mediation started in 1995, it used to stand for ‘Confidential and Local Mediation’ but now works across the UK.

They now have 60 active volunteers!

What makes Calm Mediation different

Most charities tackle the concerns of humanity indirectly - for example, by providing blankets, shelter or clothing. This does help to improve the quality of life for the individual. However, Calm works to address the intangible stresses and tensions that arise between people in conflict.

Mediation is important as it has the power to improve lives. Sometimes the factors which give rise to conflict cannot be changed- or at least not right away but mediation is able to go direct to the issue of interpersonal connection and foster collaboration.

They are embedding communication practices into their communities by supporting their volunteers in practising these skills and delivering the services into communities where it is most needed. This mission is greater than their organisation, it is about teaching and supporting Londoners to communicate in a constructive way.

Other ways to support

Your support of Calm Mediation through Savoo will help them to further support their community mediators in delivering mediation service throughout housing communities of London

If you are interested in helping Calm, regular office assistance is helpful such as administrating, bookkeeping but they welcome any other support that can be given. They are a small but busy organisation so are in need of volunteers to help them continue their work.

Since mediation takes a high level of professionalism to execute for the Charity, volunteers must be trained prior to mediating. Training in community mediation is available which can then be used to join their 60+ volunteers in practising conflict resolution skills and donating time to work in the community. Volunteers attend meetings with clients across the UK and all expenses are paid back via the Calm. Valuable skills are gained from helping Calm and volunteers are supported throughout the entire process.


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Contact Number

020 7603 4014