The University of Cambridge Veterinary School Trust (Camvet) is a charity dedicated to raising funds in support of the Cambridge Veterinary School and Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital and their aim of providing the best in animal healthcare.

Did you know...

The University of Cambridge Veterinary School Trust (Camvet) is a small charity dedicated to raising funds for The Queen's Veterinary School Hospital in Cambridge. The Hospital runs on a not-for-profit basis, so our goal is to fund essential equipment and facilities for diagnosing and treating the many thousands of animals, large and small, referred for treatment and care. In addition, we help to fund teaching projects for our veterinary students.

Since it’s inception Camvet has raised over £9million for a variety of projects including: Europe’s first Cancer Therapy Unit for animals and the world’s first Professor of Animal Welfare.

What makes CAMVET different

Internationally renowned, The Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital, University of Cambridge, provides crucial care for sick and injured animals referred from all over the UK. The School provides outstanding veterinary education and is a world leader in cutting edge clinical studies.

Several aspects of the Veterinary School's pioneering work have already been of mutual benefit to both animals and mankind. Leading veterinarians and medical clinicians work closely together to investigate and successfully treat problems suffered by animals and humans alike, such as inherited disease, eye disorders, snoring, paralysis and cancers.


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