Changing Faces is the leading charity in the UK for those with a mark, scar or condition making them look different. They provide advice, support and psychological services for the 1.3 million people affected. Furthermore, they challenge discrimination and are working towards a world that is respectful of people who look different through no fault of their own. Ultimately they are fighting for a world in which everyone with a visible different has confidence, support and the opportunity to lead the lives they want.

To achieve this aim, the charity:

  • organises one-to-one sessions with a practitioner;

  • organises get-togethers in London every couple of months to help individuals meet others and share experiences and

  • produces self-help guides, which includes a forum for people to help others;

  • refers people to useful apps specifically chosen by the charity from the NHS Apps library to help cope (relaxation apps; help with understanding your moods; manage stress)

... and much more!

Sad reality

Changing Faces found that less than a third of children say they would be friends with someone with a visible difference

Almost half of young people with a visible difference have experienced bullying at school

66% of adults with a visible difference have also been abused and harassed

How do donations help?

£10 will pay for a phone call with someone being bullied

£25 could fund a one-to-one session for the client to gain more self-confidence

£95 covers the cost of a skin camouflage consultation with a skilled practitioner.

A date for your calendar

22nd May - Face Equality Day

Get involved

Supporters can volunteer to become part of the Skin Camouflage Service, as a practitioner, seeing clients every month and helping them explore skin camouflage if they choose to. More information can be found on their volunteer page

For anybody who wants to fundraise while taking on a physical challenge, there are lots of activities to choose from e.g. running, swimming, trekking and bungee jumping. There are plenty events going on all year round, so be sure to visit their challenge event page for more information.

One of the best ways for supporters to help is to let their friends, family, and colleagues know about the charity's vital work. Supporters have held presentations, organised bake sales, and advocated for the charity and much more!

Contact Number

33 - 37 University Street, Fitzrovia