At the Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (CoMO) we are dedicated to preventing meningitis globally by ensuring families worldwide have access to early diagnosis, preventative measures and quick treatment.

Did you know...

The Confederation of Meningitis Organisations Inc. (CoMO) is an international member organisation working to reduce the incidence and impact of meningitis worldwide.

CoMO brings together patient groups, health professionals and organisations, meningitis survivors and families from more than 25 countries to help prevent meningitis through:

  • Raising public awareness of meningitis through education

  • Advocating for meningitis vaccines to be available to families worldwide

  • Connecting and resourcing a strong global network of members who make sure their communities have access to meningitis information and support.

What makes Confederation of Meningitis different

We are a united international voice for patient organisations all over the world. We provide opportunities for our members to work together to fight meningitis on a regional and global scale. We also work with an invaluable combination of patient advocacy groups, scientific experts and key opinion leaders to make change happen.

Learn the symptoms of meningitis and the vaccines available and raise awareness with those you care about. It is our goal to prevent meningitis worldwide because we can and we should.


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