Empowering people in the developing world to work their way out of poverty through ethical loans, high quality financial, business and social training

Did you know...

The training provided is paid by the entrepreneurs which makes them stakeholders/owners of the service

Lenders donate directly to their chosen entrepreneur through a 100% model

One loan benefits an average of 6 people, including and not exclusive of the entrepreneur, the spouse, the children, the relatives living with them, the people they would employ.

Even though we managed £464,000 in loans last year, we were only 4 paid members of staff!

What makes DEKI different

Lenders donate directly to their chosen entrepreneur through a 100% model

We help those who can’t afford loans from bigger microfinance institutions, those who really have little, whose children don’t go to school, those who struggle to provide three meals a day, those who are not resilient to famine, natural disasters and diseases.

Other ways to support

  • They can lend money to our entrepreneurs, then choose to relend it or withdraw it;

  • They can volunteer for the charity in a variety of roles, in our office or remotely

  • They can run our fellowship visits where they visit our field partners to interview our entrepreneurs, run researches and audits based on skills and experience.

  • They can be our ambassadors and evangelists recruiting more lenders and donors for our projects

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