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  • Emmaus UK works to rehabilitate people living on the streets and provide them with the skills they need. Everyone deserves a safe and stable home, and that’s what Emmaus helps to arrange for people who are struggling.
  • With the ever-increasing pressure of financial demands forcing more and more people into difficult situations, Emmaus are here to help provide training, meaningful work, and support to ensure nobody is living on the streets.
  • By directly supporting people who are experiencing homelessness, Emmaus aims to get as many people off the streets as possible by providing expert care and assistance. With over 30 communities working in the UK, Emmaus is a social enterprise that offers support to people who have fallen on hard times.

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Learn more about Emmaus UK

Emmaus ensures people who are homeless are provided with stable, meaningful work that connects them to a community. Being isolated and struggling to live on the streets can become a vicious cycle that’s hard to get out of – but Emmaus does everything they can to help people find a sense of purpose in a community setting. Instead of temporary housing and unstable housing options, Emmaus offers you a home for as long as you need it. Join a community of people who have been through similar struggles and work together to start feeling better. Emmaus provides food, shelter, and a weekly allowance to those in need to help them work through their issues at their own pace.

How they support: Emmaus UK's Supportive Initiatives

Emmaus UK stands as a beacon of support for individuals facing homelessness and social exclusion. Through a comprehensive and compassionate approach, the charity provides not just shelter but meaningful work and a sense of belonging. By offering a stable and supportive community environment, Emmaus UK empowers formerly homeless individuals to rebuild their lives with dignity and purpose. The organisation's social enterprises, such as thrift stores and furniture recycling projects, not only contribute to financial sustainability but also provide valuable skills training and employment opportunities. Emmaus UK's commitment to addressing the root causes of homelessness and fostering self-sufficiency ensures that those in need receive holistic support, leading to positive, lasting changes in their lives.

Ways you can help: Donate monthly

If you’re able to afford to donate to the cause, here’s what a monthly donation could cover:

  • £5 could buy two meals for one of Emmaus’ companions
  • £10 could pay for a homeless person's travel to an Emmaus community
  • £15 could help someone feel more valued with a counselling session

Other ways you can help: Make a one-time donation

Here is what a one-time donation to Emmaus UK could cover:

  • £10 could pay for a homeless person's travel to an Emmaus community
  • £25 could provide 10 hot meals for companions
  • £40 could pay for essential toiletries for 5 companions


Unit 302 Scott House, The Custard Factory, Gibb Street
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Contact Number

0300 303 7555