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  • Epilepsy Action is dedicated to improving the lives of people with epilepsy, offering a wide range of support services, high-quality healthcare assistance and expert advice to help people manage a healthy and happy life with their condition.
  • Their work is vital for ensuring people living with epilepsy experience more understanding within society. At present, around 600,000 or almost 1 in 100 people in the UK have epilepsy, with 87 people diagnosed every day (17 of these are young people under the age of 18).
  • Beyond advocating for people with the condition to be treated with fairness and respect, a concern for safety is prevalent in the charity's fight for wider awareness, as nine out of 10 people in Britain would get basic first aid for seizures wrong. Together, you can help support Epilepsy Action by signing up to Savoo and selecting it as your charity to receive free donations every time you shop online.

How to raise free donations for Epilepsy Action

  1. Sign up to Savoo for free to start saving money and raising free donations
  2. Click 'Support a Charity' to browse our charity directory
  3. Search for 'Epilepsy Action', browse by category, or select another charity close to your heart
  4. Ensure you're signed in to your Savoo account and click 'Support this charity' on the page of your choice
  5. Begin using our discount codes and deals to save at your favourite stores
  6. Check out your account to see how much you've raised so far every time you place an order through Savoo!

Signing up to support Epilepsy Action with Savoo

Learn more about Epilepsy Action

Whether you're seeking support from the charity, looking out for someone close to you, or simply want to help by raising some extra donations for Epilepsy Action - there are so many ways to get involved, make the most of their services and change the lives of those living with epilepsy.

How they support: Get assistance & aid from trained advisors with the Epilepsy Action helpline

Epilepsy Action are there for people when they need support the most. The free helpline has been described as a lifeline, run by trained advisors, offering confidential and personal advice for any time you need guidance, aid or simply someone to talk to.

Ways you can help: Take part in Epilepsy Action's Purple Day

Purple Day takes place on March 26th each year, and acts as a day for everyone and anyone to get involved in making the world a better place for people affected by epilepsy. The day got it's name from the colour of lavender - widely known as the flower for epilepsy.

While you can show your support all year round, Purple Day is the biggest chance, as the day is recognised on a global scale, to raise funds and raise awareness to support those living with epilepsy.

Other ways to donate: Buy from the Epilepsy Action shop

Virtually all of the life-changing support the charity provides is funded by donations and fundraising, but you can also support the charity by shopping from Epilepsy Action's online shop. Find everything from branded products, including t-shirts, wristbands, pens and more - perfect for fundraising events, greeting cards, an Epilepsy Action membership plus more!


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