FareShare is a UK wide charity fighting hunger and food waste. We redistribute good food that would otherwise go to waste to charities and community groups that support vulnerable people.

Last year we provided enough food for 18.3 million meals a year, supporting 211,565 people every week. By ensuring good food is not wasted we turn an environmental problem into a social solution.

We work with the food industry to identify quality surplus food that can be redistributed. The 2,489 charities that receive food from FareShare provide nutritious meals and life-changing support to vulnerable people, including homeless hostels, children’s breakfast clubs and older people’s clubs.

Did you know...

One in ten people in the UK regularly skip a meal as they are struggling financially. This includes one in four children.

At the same time, at least 270,000 tonnes of perfectly good, in-date food is wasted every year by the food industry. This is enough food for 640 million meals.

By keeping food out of landfill, we prevent more than 25,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

FareShare food was valued at £19.6 million last year. The money our charity partners save on food can be re-invested into other areas of their work.

What makes FareShare different

FareShare provides a sustainable social solution to an environmental and economic problem. We are the only charity in the UK that works with the food industry on this scale – with around 450 different food retailers delivering their surplus food to our 20 Regional Centres on a regular basis.

FareShare food benefits a vast range of vulnerable people across the UK; homeless people, people with substance misuse issues, children and young people, people with physical and mental health conditions, older people and people with disabilities all make use of FareShare food at some of our amazing charity partners.

We build resilience for the UK’s third sector, at a time when they are facing mass funding cuts and increased demand for their services.

Other ways to support

We rely on an army of volunteers up and down the country to help sort food, prepare orders, and drive our vans delivering food to our charity members. We also have a twice yearly food drive in Tesco stores across the UK. If you would like to get involved please visit our website and contact a centre near you.


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Contact Number

020 7394 2468