Guts UK is the only UK charity funding research into the whole digestive system – gut, liver and pancreas. Guts's vision is to help the world understand the causes and treatments for digestive disorders - helping those who are affected get better treatment and support when they need it most. Past research has improved treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, helped surgery patients suffering from malnutrition, and discovered and prevented H-Pylori as a cause of stomach cancer.

Did you know

Digestive conditions are a factor in 1/8 hospital deaths, and four out of the six less survivable cancers are digestive.

Digestive diseases take up an estimated 12% of NHS resources, yet receive less than 2% of research funding.

Four out of the six less survivable cancers are digestive – stomach, liver, pancreatic and oesophageal cancer. These cancers have a combined 5-year survivable rate of only 14%.

Around 4 in 10 people have at least one digestive symptom at any one time, and digestive symptoms are nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s time to ‘Talk About Guts’.

In 2019, Guts UK sponsored more research than ever, with 28 projects currently active. Team Guts UK reaches above and beyond to make research happen, on behalf of all people with digestive diseases.

Other ways you can support the charity

Spread the word – Did you know that 1 in 4 people experience digestive symptoms at any one time? Tell a friend the work Guts does, or raise the banner in your community or workplace for digestive health. You never know who might benefit!

Join the Guts UK community – Get in touch with Guts UK today to find out how you can help the charity carry out its work.

Other ways to fundraise – Organise a sponsored event such as hiking, skydiving or a pub quiz challenge. Get in touch with the Guts fundraising team to support you to make your fundraising ideas a reality. They'll love hearing from you.

Host a quiz night – You could also host a guts quiz night, spreading the word and having fun by testing out your gut knowledge with family or friends. Contact Guts UK today and the team will send you a copy of the quiz.


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