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  • Health Poverty Action was founded in 1984 and their mission is to help improve poor health worldwide.
  • They reach out to neglected, hardest-to-reach places such as those in Africa, Asia, Latin America in order to help bolster and strengthen their health services and work on things like nutrition, water, sanitation, income generation and immunisation.
  • The charity passionately believes that everyone has a right to proper healthcare regardless of where they were born and their economic circumstance.

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Learn more about Health Poverty Action

The charity considers poverty to be a man-made phenomenon - just as wealth is created by man, poverty is also created by man. Causes of poverty are complex, but the charity firmly believes that because it’s a man-made problem, it’s solvable. Part of the battle for the charity is reprogramming people to prioritise their fellow humans over profit. With the support of your free charity donations when shopping through Savoo, you can help to make this a reality.

The charity invests donations into human capital by training people in healthcare all over the world. Furthermore they also invest into vital tools to either help spread the healthcare message, as well as transporting healthcare professionals in emergencies. In fact 95% of the charity staff are from the countries where they work.

How they support: Funding research

Health Poverty Action demonstrates unwavering commitment to supporting individuals facing health challenges. Through a multifaceted approach, the charity addresses the complex interplay between poverty and health, recognising that the two are often intertwined. It not only provides essential healthcare services but also works tirelessly to empower communities, promoting sustainable solutions that go beyond immediate medical needs. By fostering local partnerships, advocating for policy changes, and implementing grassroots initiatives, the organisation strives to break the cycle of poverty and enhance overall well-being. Through its holistic and community-centered approach, Health Poverty Action stands as a beacon of hope, uplifting those in need and contributing to lasting improvements in health and living conditions.

Ways you can help: Donate monthly

Donating is an easy and foolproof way to make sure that you’re making an impact on the charity. If you were to donate:

  • £7: this could pay for liquid soap and sanitizer for a hospital hand-washing station.
  • £15: this could help to provide 8 undernourished children with access to the emergency food needed to improve their health.
  • £22: this could pay for one radio broadcast to share health tips with new mums.

Other ways you can help: Make a one-time donation

If you can only make a donation once, here’s what your donation would be able to cover:

  • £9: this could pay for an infrared thermometer to detect symptoms of infection.
  • £32: this could provide 20 megaphones to gather community members and share vital health messages.
  • £54: this could provide one community health worker with the training and resources needed to promote health and nutrition in their communities.


Ground Floor, 31-33 Bondway

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020 7840 3753