JDRF is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of type 1 diabetes sufferers until a cure can be found. The charity also funds research to help treat, prevent and one day cure type 1 diabetes.

They also maintain its own online community for those affected by Type 1 Diabetes (TypeOneNation.org) which was launched Nov 2008. The community features blogs, video library and educational resources

Did you know...

Type 1 diabetes is a very serious condition that demands daily insulin injections simply to keep the sufferer alive. It is not caused by diet and lifestyle factors and there is no known way to avoid it; and scarily, it’s on the rise. JDRF is the world’s leading type 1 diabetes charity and they're working hard to improve public understanding of type 1 diabetes and find a cure.

JDRF sponsors approximately £350million in scientific research in 17 countries

What makes JDRF different

The charity's UK Chief Executive, Karen Addington, was crowned Charity Leader of the Year 2015 for her inspirational and successful leadership of JDRF - beating 800 other nominees from across the country to the Charity Staff Foundation’s award.

Other ways to support

You can support JDRF by volunteering to support their campaigning work, fundraising events and community events.

If you suffer from type 1 diabetes, you can also help raise awareness by sharing your story for use in JDRF publications and press stories.


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Contact Number

020 7713 2030