Lepra is committed to fighting some of the world’s most neglected diseases, such as leprosy and lymphatic filariasis. This charity works on the ground in Bangladesh, India and Mozambique to treat, educate, rehabilitate and give a voice to the people living on the margins of society. Their aim is not just to treat these illnesses, but to combat the poverty and prejudice that surrounds them. This includes initiatives in expanding education, offering training and rebuilding livelihoods so that those affected by disease are able to overcome it and live a healthy and more productive life.

Did you know...

  • Lepra began their mission to beat leprosy in 1924 and since then, they have been leaders and innovators in the field fighting against the disease as well as others

  • Every day, nearly 600 more people are diagnosed with, and start treatment for leprosy

  • It costs just £20 to reach someone directly with an intervention to change their life

  • Last year, Lepra reached 256,400 people directly through diagnosis, treatment and care but also contributed to reducing poverty and improving standards of living for 10,450 people and their families

What makes LEPRA different

Lepra is one of the world’s leading authorities in leprosy, and they have used their expertise in fighting this disease to tackle others. The charity has pioneered new initiatives, such as providing protective and customised footwear, that have been adopted by others. They also work in some of world’s most remote locations going where others cannot - or will not - go; setting up projects in underdeveloped areas where the symptoms and treatment for such diseases may not be known. However, they do not just focus on the disease itself but work to eliminate the stigma surrounding such illnesses; and aim to reduce the poverty they can push people into.

Other ways to support

Volunteer! If you’ve got a big heart and lots of energy, Lepra would love to have you on its volunteering team. There are opportunities in their Colchester office as well as fundraising roles across the UK - allowing you to turn your passion into action.

Fundraise! There are lots of ways you can get your community involved – whether there are 3 or 300 of you, you can hold a fundraiser and help to transform the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.

Leave a Legacy! Your loved ones will always come first, but even a small gift in your will could help change the lives of people trapped by debilitating diseases and the stigma and hardship that can come with it.

Health Education is an important part of our work, helping to raise awareness and encourage people to come forward for diagnosis, whilst also tackling the prejudice that surrounds diseases like leprosy. Image Credit: Peter Caton

Children continue to be diagnosed with leprosy and often drop out of school due to the pain and discomfort caused by the disease. Image Credit: Simon Rawles


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