Theirs is a mission that is very close to their hearts; and the entire Leukaemia Busters team work tirelessly today to fund and conduct research focused on discovering and developing novel antibody-based treatments for patients with leukaemia and other related blood cancers.

Did you know...

Leukaemia Busters was founded in 1989 by three sets of parents who all had children suffering from leukamia; all were receiving treatment in Southampton General Hospital at the same time.

Amongst these three families were leukaemia research scientists - and husband and wife - Doctors David and Bee Flavell - who's eight year old son Simon was diagnosed with a fatal form of childhood leukaemia. The name of the charity was inspired by Simon's love of Ghostbusters.

Just imagine a world in which leukaemia is safely, quickly and completely cured in every patient.

What makes Leukaemia Busters different

Leukaemia Busters relies on public donations to fund their research and 95p in every £1 goes towards creating a leukaemia-free world. The charity also welcomes supporters to their laboratory to see the work that is done and how donations are spent.

Other ways to support

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Contact Number

023 8077 5590