In the UK, someone is given the shattering news that they have lymphoma, the 5th most common cancer. Around 125,000 people in the UK live with lymphoma. For the last 30 years, Lymphoma Action has been the only charity dedicated to lymphoma. Their mission is to ensure that no one faces lymphoma alone.

They keep patients informed with trusted, endorsed information in order to help and empower them to fully understand their diagnosis and the complexities of lymphoma.

They support and provide tailored advice, as well as reassurance according to individual circumstances at all stages, whether patients have just been diagnosed, or are in current treatment. Beyond this, they also help doctors and nurses give the best possible treatment.

So, what is lymphoma?

Lymphoma is a complex disease, with 2 main types - Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, with over 60 sub-types. This makes a correct diagnosis extremely difficult. Sadly, there are also no known cure for lymphoma.

The lymphatic system is vital to the human body. It helps the body fights infection with a network of vessels through which lymph drains from tissues into the bloodstream. Lymphoma occurs when lymph nodes in the chest and abdomen swell up, causing difficulties with breathing or loss of appetite. Lymphoma could also block blood flowing through the body, causing swelling in the face and/or neck. These are just a few symptoms, but lymphoma can pop up in any part of the body.

How donations will help

£15 will help a newly diagnosed patient receive the information and support they need

£30 could help fund 10 award-winning booklets containing the necessary information patients can trust

£40 will help fund a study day for nurses, so they can benefit from specialist training in lymphoma

Supporters can also get involved by…

For those supporters wishing to make a direct, and tangible difference to help the Lymphoma Action family, they can become support group organisers. As an organiser, supporters will be responsible for running a series of meetings, identify topics of conversation and discussion - it may also involve sorting guest speakers. Ultimately they’ll be providing a place for people to feel comfortable sharing experiences and opening up dialogue to help each other get through their day-to-day. For more information, head over to their Run a Support Group section.


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