MicroLoan Foundation

This charity works with some of the world’s poorest women to help them work their way out of poverty and change their lives by helping them set up their own businesses in order to gain independence and financial strength.

To do this, the charity provides small loans and ongoing business training, in order to ensure their loan gets paid back, but also helps women with gaining skills in business, sales, leadership etc. Microloan also ensures that clients are equipped to manage their finances, by encouraging them to make savings for a rainy day - typically this will be something like future crop failure, illnesses or other unpredictable scenarios, thus taking the stress out of the equation that comes from not knowing how one will finance healthcare or keep their family fed.

A training course on average costs just £22 per person, meaning every £100 sends 4 or 5 women on a course to change their life!

Where they work and their impact

The charity works in rural Africa, where over half of the 770 million people living in poverty are. Microloan employs more than 150 people in 28 branches in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Most employees are trained as Loan and Training officers, who deal directly with a combined total of around 35,000 clients at any one time. The foundation helped over 150,000 women, and around 600,000 are now in education with the opportunity of a brighter future.

98% of women can afford to seek medical treatment

82% of their clients see a weekly increase in profits

83% of their clients with children are able to send them to school

97% of clients are able to add funds into their savings pot regularly. Strikingly, this used to be just 11% before Microloan Foundation started their work.

96% of women have improved food security (previously 78%)

Success stories

Over 400 million people live in extreme poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa, and many of these live hand-to-mouth, which doesn’t provide security for a rainy day, especially when a family member gets sick. Kudzanai knows this all too well, and to make things worse, it was her baby son that contracted meningitis, which left him deaf. With few employment opportunities, and unable to afford extra care for her son, she signed up to one of Microloan Foundation’s first loan groups, which transformed her family’s life. Kudzanai built a business selling tomatoes and beans and has ultimately been able to save up to send her son to Emerald Hill School for the Deaf, a boarding school that provides high quality education. He ranks as one of the top students in the school!

To read more of Kudzanai’s story, and the hundreds of other good news stories, check out their Success Stories section of the website.

Important dates

8th March - International Women’s Day

How else can supporters show support?

Microloan Foundation offer some truly excellent, and different ways of raising funds for the charity. Supporters can get involved with the Start Something challenge, in which you take just £1 and try to turn it into as much profit as possible in four weeks. It’s entirely up to each person how they want to go about it, and on top of experiencing what it’s like to start a business, you’ll get to grips with budgeting, calculating margins, you’ll gain an understanding of how important the charity’s training courses are to the women they help. More information about this can be found in their Community Fundraising page on their site.

Hosting charity events is a great way to spread the word about Microloan’s amazing work and have fun at the same time. How about hosting a coffee morning, where each person would donate what they’d usually spend on their coffee on the way into work? Supporters have also organised live music events at their local coffee shop or pub! For more information on how to get set up, head over to their website.


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Contact Number

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