Working alongside trusted partners in 10 countries all over the world, we give everyday people the opportunity to come on a 2-week trip to help make a difference to some of the world’s most vulnerable and forgotten communities. Breaking the chain of poverty by building and establishing life-changing facilities such as schools, healthcare centres, homes, rescue centres and more in these communities, we work with local partners to provide the tools needed to shape a new future.

Our volunteers also visit and support outreach programmes each afternoon in the local community such as feeding programmes, drop-in centres, work with street children, health clinics, community home-care visits, education and micro-financing programmes and more. These afternoon visits give a real sense of the reality of life in these locations and are often the thing to impact our volunteers the most.

At the end of your trip, a few days of R&R are included to enable you to explore and experience some of the history and sights of the country you're in, also providing time to digest the things you've witnessed and been a part of. You'll go expecting to change lives - and come home changed.

Did you know...

In 2016, we:

  • Introduced a waterline into a community in the DR, giving 120 homes their first access to water

  • Built 9 classrooms in 5 countries, giving almost 500 children access to education

  • Built a dormitory for disabled children in Kenya, enabling them to go to school

  • Completed a girls’ rescue centre in Zambia

  • Opened 2 schools in Uganda

  • Built and/or restored 18 houses in 7 countries

  • Built a bakery to generate income for a school and dug a well in Sierra Leone

  • Sent out teams of teachers and medics to share knowledge and skills in marginalised areas

What makes Mission Direct different

We don’t just send money – our volunteers join us in giving up TIME to work with the vulnerable, transforming lives one by one in a practical way and building life-long relationships and memories.

You'll be overwhelmed by how much this means to the local people you meet - to have you there in person, providing practical and sustainable help to them and their families.

Other ways to support

Come on a trip or volunteer with us to raise awareness of the charity in your church, local community and at events. Create and run fundraisers for us etc.

We rely on the generosity of regular donations to be able to continue our work overseas and in the UK and would be so grateful for any donations. You can also include us in your will to leave a lasting legacy - just contact the office for more information.


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