Founded in 1971, the National Animal Welfare Trust is one of the top 10 Rescue and Rehoming charities in England; rehoming up to 1,800 animals a year from 5 centres across the UK. The trust is home to a wide variety of animals; primarily cats and dogs, but also farm animals, horses, donkeys, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds.

National Animal Welfare Trust’s mission is to promote responsible pet ownership throughout the UK so that one day every pet might have the responsible owner they deserve.

Did you know...

  • 88p of every £1 donated gets spent on animal welfare.
  • National Animal Welfare Trust carried out 7,000 individual animal vet consultations in the last year.
  • Every animal the charity rehomes is medically checked, vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and given worming treatment.
  • The charity spends an average of £137 on vet fees per rehomed pet.
  • National Animal Welfare Trust is the first UK rescue and rehoming charity to pilot Open Paw; a programme developed to provide animals with the enrichment, training and social skills needed to make them more rehomeable and enable them to successfully settle into life in their new homes.

What makes NAWT different

This charity never stops caring. It’s not only the animals they aim to help but also owners throughout the UK in need of help or advice. As part of their mission to promote responsible pet ownership, National Animal Welfare Trust took the decision to become the first UK rehoming charity to pilot Open Paw. (a programme that provides practical hands-on training for staff, volunteers, prospective and existing pet owners; thus educating local communities on responsible pet ownership).

On top of this, many of the charity's staff have undertaken ALLY training, which enables them to offer support to those who’ve lost a beloved pet.

Other ways to support

Choose to support National Animal Welfare Trust at Savoo and raise money simply by shopping and searching online.

You can also:

  • Volunteer at any of their five centres across the UK.
  • Sign up to 'supporter lottery' for a chance to win up to £25,000, whilst also raising much-needed funds for NAWT.
  • Fundraise for them
  • Buy from Charity Partners.
  • Sign up to their newsletter at and follow and like on Facebook & Twitter.


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