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  • National Literacy Trust works closely with communities and schools to ensure all children, regardless of background, have the literacy skills they need. From early years language development tools to teaching resources for the classroom, National Literacy Trust provides a range of materials designed to help children improve their reading and writing ability.
  • By identifying which communities need the most help, National Literacy Trust make sure that support is on offer for those who might not otherwise receive it. From helping schools to providing direct support for parents and families, they work in a variety of ways to guide children as they learn.
  • National Literacy Trust organises campaigns designed to raise awareness about the importance of literacy in children. By helping people understand the value of a strong skill in literacy, they encourage change on local and national levels to ensure as many children as possible get the help they need.

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Learn more about National Literacy Trust

National Literacy Trust offers a huge range of programmes, resources, and materials to help support children from all walks of life succeed in improving their literacy. From tutoring and fully funded in-school courses to resources designed to help teach them everything from grammar to organization in writing, there’s plenty of support available that caters to a wide variety of learners.

How they support: The National Literacy Trust's Impact

The National Literacy Trust stands as a beacon of support, actively enhancing the lives of individuals through its multifaceted initiatives. Through targeted programs, educational resources, and community outreach, the organisation tirelessly works to improve literacy skills across diverse age groups. By promoting a love for reading and writing, they empower individuals to unlock their full potential, fostering a sense of confidence and capability. Its commitment to inclusivity ensures that people from all walks of life have access to the transformative power of literacy, creating opportunities for personal and professional growth. Through its impactful efforts, the National Literacy Trust plays a vital role in building a society where literacy is not just a skill but a tool for empowerment and success.

Ways you can help: Leave a gift in your will

By including the National Literacy Trust in your will, you are contributing to the organisation's enduring mission of fostering literacy skills and a love for reading among individuals of all ages. These legacy gifts play a pivotal role in sustaining literacy programs, resources, and community initiatives that empower individuals to reach their full potential. Beyond providing immediate support, such contributions create a lasting impact, ensuring that generations to come have access to the transformative power of literacy. By leaving a legacy gift, individuals become champions for literacy, building a foundation for a more educated and empowered society through the work of the National Literacy Trust.

Other ways you can help: Fundraise through a challenge event

Embarking on a fundraising challenge event is a dynamic way for individuals to rally behind the National Literacy Trust's mission. By participating in or organising a challenge event, supporters can actively raise funds to fuel the organisation's literacy initiatives. Whether it's a marathon, a sponsored walk, or a creative endeavour, the funds generated from these events enable the National Literacy Trust to expand its reach, develop educational resources, and implement impactful literacy programs. Additionally, the collective effort of participants amplifies awareness about the importance of literacy, fostering a community that values and advocates for reading and writing skills.


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