The National Migraine Centre is the only national charity that provides a clinic for migraine sufferers and cluster headache patients. We are a Centre of Excellence, which has been in operation for over 37 years. A key aspect to our work is the focus on how the individual feels and what they need, so that our headache specialists can work with them to develop a personal migraine treatment plan. The goal is to help them regain control of their lives, to manage this condition rather than allowing it to dictate their life.

The National Migraine Centre is committed to advocating their cause, educating healthcare professionals through GP masterclasses, and carrying out ground-breaking research to improve existing treatments and explore new approaches to improve migraine sufferers quality of life.

Did you know...

Migraines currently affect 1 in 5 people in the UK. It affects both adults and children as well as both sexes. More people suffer with migraine than epilepsy, diabetes and asthma combined. Despite its widespread nature in the UK, there is a shortage of medical professionals, particularly neurologists, who specialise in it. Only we offer a highly specialised and reputable service to sufferers of migraine and cluster headache in the UK.

In the UK there are an estimated 190,000 attacks every day. 50% of those that suffer will go undiagnosed or undertreated. The World Health Organisation ranks migraine as being one of the top 20 most disabling illnesses for adults.

What makes National Migraine Centre different

Unlike most medical charities, The National Migraine Centre provides more than information, support and education. It actually diagnose and treat migraine and headache sufferers. Offering world-class care with no NHS or government funding.

The consultations offered are three times longer than the NHS and you can self-refer by calling them on 020 7251 3322 or by filling in the online booking form.

Other ways to support

Supporters can help this charity by helping raise awareness. Word of mouth is so important. The National Migraine Centre often has patients saying they wished that had known about it sooner. So tell your friends, family and your GP.


226 Walmer Road
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Contact Number

020 7251 3322