Practical Action do things differently. They put ingenious ideas to work so people in poverty can change their world.

In recent times the nature of poverty has changed dramatically, demanding new responses from organisations like Practical Action. The climate crisis is affecting almost all the people they work with around the world.

Practical Action help people find solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems. Challenges made worse by catastrophic climate change and persistent gender inequality. They work with communities to develop ingenious, lasting and locally owned solutions for agriculture, water and waste management, climate resilience and clean energy. And they share what works with others, so answers that start small can grow big.

The charity believes people living in poverty already have the ability to change their worlds. With the right plans, tools and knowhow, families around the world can build futures free from poverty.

Did you know...

800 million people are currently vulnerable to climate change impacts such as droughts, floods, heat waves, extreme weather events and sea-level rise.

Nearly 1 billion people don’t have access to electricity.

It’s the people and countries who pollute the least – generally the world’s poorest – who are suffering the greatest effects of climate change.

Severe droughts, storms and flooding are becoming more common, affecting millions of people, and putting lives in danger. Scientists agree that we cannot stop climate change – only lessen its effects if a concerted effort is made across the world. Practical Action are working with the people worst affected by the new climate reality so that they can adapt to, and flourish within, the changing environment.

Practical Action Practical Action

What makes Practical Action different

Practical Action find out what people are doing, and help them to do it better. Through innovative thinking and technical knowledge, they enable poor communities to build on their skills and experience to produce practical solutions to their most pressing needs. The right idea can transform lives forever, allow families to live in dignity and protect the world.

They believe that no organisation alone can bring about the changes needed to benefit everyone. To make the change happen, they will engage and inspire practitioners, policy-makers, markets, funders and communities to work together, so our work can impact the lives of far more people than they can reach directly.

Other ways to support

For more information about how you can support their work with some of the world’s poorest communities, please visit the website. You can even support this important work by buying one fantastic publications - there’s a large range of titles to choose from.


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