Refuge is a UK charity fighting for a world without violence against women and girls is not tolerated and everyone lives in safety. Their aim is to empower women and children to rebuild their lives. They are the voice for those afraid or unable to speak out about domestic violence.

In order to achieve this, the charity needs the Government to adopt a national, fully-funded strategy, with commitment to provide safety and protection, as well as prevent violence in the first place. Whilst campaigning for this, the charity provides high quality services for women and children experiencing violence, protects women by advocating for strong criminal justice, and prevents future violence by providing training and education as well as raising awareness in the community.

_Since opening its doors, the charity led the fight against domestic violence, and has become a haven for women suffering from it. They supporter over 6,000 women on any given day. In order to secure the safety of the women they protect, they require generous donations from the public. _

Violence and abuse

Domestic violence is a crime that affects 1 in 4 women in their lifetime, and is the use of systematic patterns of behaviour of the abuser in order to control and manipulate their partner. It doesn’t always involve physical abuse, it can be done emotionally, financially, sexually and psychologically. The charity says “anyone forced to alter their behaviour because they are frightened of their partner’s reaction" is being abused. Statistics show that most domestic violence incidents are carried out by men on women.

Female Genital Mutilation - FGM is a collective term for procedures that is known as female circumcision. It happens all over the world, but happens to young girls in the UK. There are many health risks associated, such as contracting infections; damaging other organs like the urethra; abnormal periods.

Tech abuse - This is a type of emotional and psychological abuse that involves stalking, isolate and control women using everyday tools. The charity has found that male partners hack their partners or children’s consoles (e.g. iPad, Xbox) to monitor accounts and information such as their location, and who they speak to.

There are so many forms of abuse, and the above are just a snippet. For more information, please visit their Forms of violence page on their website.

Direct impact

Refuge developed their own bespoke casework management tool called IMPACT. IT has it’s own built-in outcomes framework, which means the charity can show what each client has achieved from when they first met with Refuge, to when they left.:

Refuge is proud to show that, with their help:

  • 96% of their clients feel safer

  • 92% report an improvement in their everyday life

  • 76% stop experiencing all physical abuse

How donations help

  • £10 could pay for a child’s school pack

  • £35 could pay for a child’s fun day - a day of fun activities for children, helping them play in a safe environment

  • £75 could pay for a local support group

Get involved

Become a Shero! Sheroes are heroes that stand up for equality and challenge violence against women and girls. By becoming a campaigner, you will work directly with the charity and have a tangible impact on making the world a safer place. For all the information, and how to get involved, the best place to start is their Get Involved page.