Shawmind is a young charity on a mental health mission. They are committed to helping individuals and organisations understand mental health challenges and how to manage them successfully before they escalate and impact lives. The charity does this by providing volunteer-led support services, promoting awareness days and delivering online training to schools, families and employees at all levels.

Did you know...

In 2017 we became the first UK mental health charity to achieve over 103,000 signatures on a government petition to make mental health education compulsory in all UK schools. This was later debated in parliament in November 2017, and not long afterwards it was announced that mental health education would become compulsory in PSHE lessons across the UK. We are currently still campaigning towards making it a lesson in its own right, but it was certainly a step forward.

Shawmind Foundation are now able to offer training to schools, businesses and other organisations, to ensure that all staff, students, employers and employees are receiving adequate mental health care and support within their working and educational environments.

What makes Shawmind different

They are a partner charity to a global publishing company, Trigger, who create innovative, mental health self-help books that provide key techniques and coping mechanisms from leading psychologists, that helps users to overcome a variety of mental illnesses, ensuring that support and information is available to all, regardless of financial or geographical status.

Their chairman and our board of trustees receive no remuneration; all proceeds and donations go towards our projects for the mental health community. They are a global charity that cares, and are fully focused on helping those suffering with mental illness and the children, adults and families who are in desperate need of our support.

Other ways to support

Brand awareness – promoting and discussing the charity wherever possible, creating ‘touchpoints’ for potential audiences. We can provide promotional material if requested.

Fundraising – if you’re unable to donate personally, then take part in fundraisers such as cake bakes, etc. on our behalf.

Social media and media support – like our page, follow us, share our posts, talk about us and signpost to us in online discussions.

Endorsements – leave reviews on our social media pages and show your support for our cause.

Buying our books – buying our books donates funds to us in a less direct way. This also helps us spread mental health awareness through conversation and literature.


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