Ski 2 Freedom Foundation promotes and provides for the benefit of people affected by any physical, cognitive, sensory, genetic, degenerative conditions, additional needs and life-challenging circumstances the provision to access facilities and information for rehabilitation, recreation or other leisure time occupation, in particular through the provision of winter sports and year round mountain-based activities, in the interests and objective of empowerment, improving the quality of life in the interests of social welfare and benefit.

Did you know...

Making dreams come true and providing lasting memories. Our knowledge and experience is gained from our intimate understanding of the mountains and what they can offer both winter and summer. We provide a tailor-made service helping to meet the dreams and aspirations for a more fulfilled life.

Our comprehensive Information Guide allows us to meet specific needs:

  • Where to go and which activity is best suited
  • Where the best instructor/equipment is to be found
  • Where to stay
  • Provide personal support and help
  • Information on breakthrough technical developments
  • Provide information and support for educational projects in adaptive sport and social tourism.

What makes Ski 2 Freedom different

Ski 2 Freedom is unique in being able to provide totally impartial advice and information on the mountains in Europe and worldwide.

  • We help raise awareness of the therapeutic benefits to be found in the Alps and Mountains.
  • We work to help educate people in how social inclusion can make a difference to the lives of people affected by a disability, additional need or life-changing condition.
  • We exist to make the United Nation’s Article 30 a reality for our beneficiaries.
  • Article 30 recognises the essential requirement: “enabling persons with disabilities to participate on an equal basis with others in recreational, leisure and sporting activities."

Other ways to support

  • Sharing with us their own experiences of participating in winter sports with a disability, or life-changing condition.
  • Helping us to educate those involved in winter and summer mountain activities as to how we can all be more inclusive and understanding of someone’s specific needs and requirements.
  • Support our work in widening our network of beneficiaries so that more people use the Alps and Mountains as part of a rehabilitation and rejuvenating programme.
  • Help in finding new and advancing existing technical equipment and support for assisted winter sports.


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