Stump Up For Trees are planting one million trees across the Brecon Beacons area to provide multiple ecosystem services including carbon capture, biodiversity creation, natural flood management and landscape connectivity, as well as benefits to human health and well-being. This winter, SUFT have planted 120,000 trees on Bryn Arw Common: it is the first significant woodland creation event on common land in Wales for several centuries.

Did you know...

The UK has only 13% woodland cover, compared to the national European average of 36%.

This winter they have been planting 120,000 native broadleaf trees on Bryn Arw: this is the charity’s ‘pilot plant’. The project, on a 65ha site, has taken four years to realise.

The charity’s key goal is to persuade more upland farmers to include more trees on their farmland and designate a proportion of their land to woodland and thereby, increase habitat for nature.

How you can support the charity...

Stump Up For Trees has a loyal band of volunteers and would welcome more people joining them to plant trees once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted – they will need a lot of people to help them meet their target of planting 1 million trees!

The tree planting season runs October to March. In summer, volunteers can also take part in clearing vegetation and bracken control, in preparation for tree planting. As a small charity, they also have volunteer help with social media content, web design and newsletter copyrighting.


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