We rescue and provide care for sick and injured foxes, and also lost and orphaned fox cubs, rehabilitating them back to the wild. We also educate and inform the public about the true nature and behaviour of foxes in order to reduce fear and persecution, and encourage tolerance and acceptance of our wild neighbours.

Did you know...

Although the high profile side of our charity is rescue and rehabilitation, we also provide a national information bureau and humane non-lethal deterrence advice service; we promote networking between associated charities and groups, helping to cross-feed information and current knowledge.

What makes The Fox Project different

We are specialists in fox behaviour, having been operating for 25 years, and are the only charity in the country that provides a comprehensive advice service. We cover around 80 square miles with the invaluable assistance of our volunteer rescuers.

Other ways to support

We are very reliant on volunteers and have a base of around 110 people, who are made up of rescuers, hospital/cub unit facility assistants and fundraisers.Fox Project


The Lodge, Kings Toll Road

Contact Number

01892 824111