Together for Mental Wellbeing is a national charity that supports people with mental health issues to lead fulfilling and independent lives. We value people as experts in what works best for them, and each individual we work with influences and shapes the support they and others receive from us.

We work with approximately 4,000 adults every month in around 70 locations and our services include:

personalised support in the community

accommodation based support

advocacy services, including in secure hospitals

criminal justice services, including in courts and police stations

Did you know...

We are the UK’s oldest community mental health charity, founded in 1879 by Rev. Henry Hawkins, the hospital chaplain at an asylum in Middlesex.

Authentic peer support is at the core of our philosophy and it provides the foundation for our approach to helping users of our mental health services live more rewarding and fulfilling lives.

Service user involvement shapes every aspect of our work – we have a dedicated Service User Involvement Directorate giving users of our mental health services a voice at every level of Together and raising awareness of mental health issues more widely.

What makes Together for Mental Wellbeing different

What makes us stand out is that we put people at the centre of their own support – they set their own goals and are in control of how we work alongside them to achieve these. We value people as experts in what works best for them, and draw on their skills and strengths to build resilience and support networks so they can eventually manage without us. We are committed to promoting service user leadership and ensure that our services, as well as decisions at every level of the organisation, are shaped by the views and knowledge of those we support.

Other ways to support


There are many rewarding volunteer roles at Together. For example, helping to run a group activity, using personal experience of mental health to help others through peer support, or gaining valuable experience working in our office.


Whether you raise funds through a community event, through your business or by undertaking your own personal challenge, we welcome your support.

Working For Us:

Working alongside people with mental health issues on their journey towards greater wellbeing is extremely rewarding. We offer a wide range of jobs in mental health in different areas of support across the country.


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