When a child’s life is expected to be short, there’s no time to waste. Together for Short Lives is there to make sure that seriously ill children and their families can make the most of every moment they have together, whether that’s for years, months or only hours.

Did you know...

It's estimated that there are 99,000 babies, children and young people are living in the UK with health conditions that are life-limiting or life-threatening. Many of these children have complex conditions and need specialist care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The impact is enormous; affected parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, and the wider family make up an estimated that there are at least 790,000 family members who are actively involved in care. For those who love these children, accessing help and the right care can be emotionally stressful. For those of us who haven’t faced it, it’s unimaginable.

What makes Together for Short Lives different

The charity supports and empowers families caring for seriously ill children by listening to their needs and helping them find the right care. They provide easily digestible information about available support so families can spend less time searching for help and have more time together. They connect families with support services and other families who understand what they are going through, so they don’t feel as alone.

Together with their members they champion, improve and support children’s palliative care services and professionals. The charity raises awareness and understanding about childhood death and campaign for policy change, so every child and family can get the right care and support. As well as raising vital funds through their collaborative partnerships to ensure children’s hospice care not only continues, but also improves.

Other ways to support

With your help we can guide families through the toughest of times and help change lives for the better.

Help us to fight for 99,000 seriously ill children out there who have no time to waste.


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