Victim Support provides much-needed support for victims and witnesses of crimes carried out in England and Wales. There is a separate Victim Support charity covering Scotland. Its services are delivered by around 1,100 staff and 1,600 volunteers and every year it offers support to around 1 million people. They also run the national Homicide Service, which supports people bereaved through murder and manslaughter, You&Co which helps children and young people, and a national support helpline.

Did you know...

They have over 40 years of experience as the nation’s leading independent victims’ charity, and as such they are extremely aware of the impact that crime has on a person’s life. They also know what it takes to help get a certain individual’s life back on track after being affected by crime.

They’re not affiliated with the police, the courts, or any other criminal justice agency. Their services are free and available to anybody – whether the crime has been reported or not, and regardless of what happened and when it happened.

What makes Victim Support different

The work they do to support victims is twofold; they work locally to support people affected by crime, while campaigning on a national level to ensure victims’ needs are put first and they receive the support they need and the respect they deserve.

These two focuses work together to help people feel safer in their communities and find the strength to move forward after crime. Some of their specialist services include antisocial behaviour services, fraud and cyber-crime, domestic violence, hate crime, support in court, and victim awareness courses.

Other ways to support

As well as supporting Victim Support for free when you shop through Savoo, there are lots of other ways you can get involved with the charity. Whether you’d like to donate, fundraise, or volunteer there’s an option for everybody. Together, we can help people feel safer and have a life after being affected by crime.


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