The UK's largest breast cancer, grant-making charity is dedicated to raising money and awareness for vital breast cancer causes and to encourage women, men and children to start walking as a way to stay fit and healthy as an important part of cancer prevention

Did you know...

Walk the Walk organises the iconic MoonWalk London, MoonWalk Scotland and MoonWalk Iceland where thousands of women, men and children walk a marathon or half marathon at night wearing decorated bras.

In the last 22 years the charity has raised in excess of £127 million which has been used for grants for many organisations to research both primary and secondary cancers. Furthermore, cancer centres nationwide have received funding for both emotional and practical support for those living with breast cancer.

Walk the WalkWalk the Walk

Scalp coolers, which can help patients of chemotherapy to retain their hair, have also been provided to over 200 NHS Trusts countrywide.

Walk the WalkWalk the Walk

What makes Walk the Walk different

They grant large amounts to make a big difference, which helps charities reach their aims more quickly. They also make smaller community style grants, making a difference where it counts.

Wearing decorated bras at their events brings awareness of breast cancer in a unique and striking way and has helped raise the amount of money they've achieved so far.

Other ways to support

Taking part in one of the charity's events, whether it be one of their iconic MoonWalks or one of their Unique Challenges. They take women and men all over the world raising money and awareness for vital breast cancer causes… new challenges are being added all the time and a full list can be found here.

Become part of the team by volunteering at one of the events where there are a variety of roles available to choose from. People living in or near Woking can also volunteer to help with event preparation based in the office.

People are also welcome to organise their own fundraising events.

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