Wheels for Wellbeing

Wheels for Wellbeing is a charity that supports disabled and older people in South London to discover cycling. We have the largest fleet of standard and adapted cycles in London (c.x200), meaning that everyone can experience the feeling of the wind in their hair and the freedom of cycling.

We are a Disabled People’s User Led Organisation (DPULO) working to demonstrate that cycling is not limited to traditional, two-wheeled bicycles and that it can be practiced by all. We change lives by transforming people’s physical and mental health; helping them make new friends and improving their confidence and self-esteem. The charity’s ultimate mission is to challenge society’s stereotypes of disabled people and cyclists; helping London to become an inclusive, accessible cycling city.

Did you know...

  • We work with disabled people of all ages (from 2-102)

  • We work with people with all impairments (physical impairments, learning disabilities, mental health issues, long term health conditions, older people etc.)

  • We reach over 1,300 disabled people each year

  • We turned 10 this year! In the last 10 years disabled people have cycled with us over 50,000 times!

  • As well as our drop-in sessions which work with people of all ages and impairments, we also run cycling sessions for particular groups e.g. for people with dementia; disabled children and Syrian refugees.

  • People come cycling with us all-year-round, come rain or shine. We are open 48 weeks a year!

  • For many people who come cycling with us, it’s the only exercise that they get. This is because disabled people face various barriers to physical activity.

What makes Wheels for Wellbeing different

We own a fleet of around 200 cycles including handcycles that you power with your hands; recumbents that don’t put pressure on your knees; tricycles that don’t require you to balance on two wheels and side-by-sides that you can ride with a friend. Lots of disabled people think they can’t cycle because of the barriers that they face. We know that with the right support and equipment, we can bring the joy of cycling of everyone. We work tirelessly to campaign and deliver sessions to show that EVERYONE can cycle.

Another thing that makes us different is the fact that we campaign to make journeys possible on all types of cycles. We know that there are plenty of disabled cyclists who use cycling as a mode of transport or as a mobility aid, but without the right infrastructure, facilities and imagery they are still facing lots of barriers. Our national campaigning work is building a voice for disabled cyclists with policymakers and practitioners.

Other ways to support

We are always looking for volunteers!

You can take part in our fundraising events like our annual Easter Bunny Ride.

You can put us forward as your company’s charity of the year.

Please email info@wheelsforwellbeing.org.uk to discuss any of these options.

Beyond the Bicycle Anthem HD from Wheels for Wellbeing on Vimeo.


336 Brixton Road

Contact Number

020 7346 8482