Wild Futures exists to protect primates in their natural habitats. This UK based welfare and conservation charity works to educate and campaign for primate protection, and also support projects overseas.

Did you know...

Wild Futures has been protecting primates for over 50 years?! The charity works to protect and rescue primates around the world, and educate the masses about the harsh realities of the primate pet trade.

What makes Wild Futures different

Wild Futures is different because it is the only UK primate welfare and conservation charity rescuing, campaigning, educating and providing sanctuary to primates in need.

Other ways to support

Aside from supporting Wild Futures by selecting them as your charity of choice at Savoo, you could also volunteer at their Monkey Sanctuary in Looe Cornwall or set up your own fundraising events in your local area.


Murrayton House, St Martin
Pl13 1NZ

Contact Number

01503 262 532