Our vision is to end the suffering of captive wild animals around the world, ensuring full and sustainable protection is given to all animals in human care.

Their fundamental pledge

Did you know...

The exact number of zoo exhibits around the world is unknown. While some of them follow the good welfare standards held by zoological associations, many thousands fall outside any welfare remit. The result: suffering for many thousands of wild animals.

1) We work with good zoos, those that apply good animal welfare and challenge poor practices. With them, we tackle the thousands of facilities where animals are suffering daily.

2) From designing stress-free enclosures for ostriches to challenging legislative welfare standards, our work is practical and diverse. We respect cultural differences but don’t let them become an excuse for poor welfare.

3) We challenge the status quo of animal welfare for all wild animals used in entertainment, not just in zoos and aquariums, collaborating with partners who challenge cruel practices and work to end animal suffering

What makes Wild Welfare different

We are not a lobbying organisation. Instead, we work with the facilities that need to change and by working with rather than against them, we have greater access to the animals and can facilitate the changes needed to improve animal welfare.

Other ways to support

• Only visit facilities that are accredited with good regulations.

• Report the poor animal welfare you see in zoos and aquariums via our website.

• Be an animal-friendly tourist and ensure your actions do not contribute to the exploitation of animals!

Click here to see our video: Wild Welfare - Improving the Live of Captive Wild Animals

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