Bipolar UK was founded in 1983 and supports over 80,000 people affected by bipolar each year.

Bipolar is a largely misunderstood condition despite the fact that more than one million people in the UK are currently living with it, which is why Bipolar UK is determined to ensure that everyone affected by this condition can find the support they need when they need it. And that includes families and carers as well as the individuals themselves.

Did you know...

That it takes an average of ten and a half years to get a correct diagnosis of bipolar and that bipolar increases an individual’s risk of suicide by up to 20 times?

This condition has a huge impact on the lives of families and friends, but early diagnosis can help; and continued investment in research and development is key to ensuring we can improve the future management of bipolar.

Bipolar UK is the only national charity dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by bipolar.

Each year over 70,000 individuals are supported through their services and information & advice publications

Other ways to support

Take part in physical challenges such as the Santa Run and Brighton Marathon!

Hosting a community activity or volunteering for grassroots or national programmes.


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