Diabetes UK

Diabetes is one of the most devastating and fastest growing health crises in the UK in recent times. Diabetes UK is fighting for a world where diabetes will no longer cause harm. Funds raised go towards critical research, improvements in healthcare and life-changing treatments. Their aim is to help even more people from developing this life-threatening condition.

Diabetes causes high blood pressure, which means anyone diagnosed faces the risk of life-changing and life-limiting problems. High blood sugar levels can seriously damage parts of your body, even those ones you may not necessarily think are likely to be at risk, including feet and eyes. Complications can also affect kidneys, sexual organs, your gums, and can lead to increased likelihood of heart attacks, strokes, and cancer.

Types of diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is when the body cannot make insulin. The body still receives glucose from food, but it can’t get into the cells where it’s needed. At this point, blood sugar levels would elevate drastically.

Type 2 diabetes is far more common. This is when the pancreas still makes insulin, but it doesn’t work in the body the way it should, leading to higher blood sugar levels.

Currently, 4 million people in the UK are living with diabetes. Worryingly, over 12 million more people are at very high risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes. Genetics, as well as lifestyle choices, are key factors. Failing to take care of oneself’s body by not exercising regularly or choosing to eat fast food will increase one’s risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes.

Around 90% of diabetic people have Type 2 diabetes, and it’s estimated that by 2025, around 5 million people will be affected.

Important dates in the Diabetes UK calendar

Diabetes Week takes place from 11th - 17th of June

World Diabetes Day is on the 14th of November

How else can you help Diabetes UK?

If you have spare time in your calendar, volunteer as a Know Your Risk volunteer. Help raise awareness around reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Develop your personal skillset as you train new volunteers, and enhance your interpersonal and communication skills while supporting a good cause. Visit the Diabetes UK volunteering page to find out more.

If you work for a company that doesn’t support a charity at the moment, why not put Diabetes UK forward as a Charity of the Year Candidate? Diabetes may be affecting your colleagues, friends and family. Charities like Diabetes UK really appreciate the work that corporate partners do in helping support more people. Check out the Diabetes UK corporate partnerships page to find out more.


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