Health Poverty Action

Health Poverty Action was founded in 1984 and exists to help improve poor health worldwide. The organisation reaches out to neglected populations in places like Africa, Asia and Latin America to help them strengthen their health services and work on nutrition, water, sanitation, immunisation, and income generation.

The charity believes that where you are born should not determine your right to health, and that the denial of health rights is not acceptable.

Did you know...

Did you know that Health Poverty Action ensures that 96p from every £1 received goes overseas to where it's needed most? And the remaining 4p goes towards ensuring that the work they do is sustainable and brings lasting change. What’s more, due to the way the charity is funded, for every £1 raised by the general public, Health Poverty Action is able to raise a further £14 from larger institutional funders.

95% of the charity's staff come from the countries they work in. The skills and knowledge attained from the communities from which staff originate benefits the localised work that the charity does long term.

What makes Health Poverty Action different

Health Poverty Action believes that health is an issue of social justice, not just a medical challenge. They work in some of the hardest to reach parts of the world and stay in these countries for years - incorporating local practices into health interventions wherever possible.

Other ways to support

Take on a sporting challenge (like the London Marathon) to raise extra money

You can even campaign with Health Poverty Action by speaking out and calling for change.

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