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  • 1.4 million older people in the U.K. are often lonely. Loneliness is a significant issue that is now widely recognised in society today.
  • More than two million people in England over 75 years old live alone, and more than a million older people say they go over a month without speaking to a friend, neighbour or family member.
  • Older people can become socially isolated for various reasons, such as getting older or weaker, no longer being the hub of their family, leaving the workplace, the deaths of spouses and friends, or disability or illness. By signing up to Savoo and selecting Action for Elders as your charity, they will receive free donations every time you shop online.

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Learn more about Action for Elders

Action for Elders is a U.K.-based charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for elderly individuals. Founded to combat social isolation and promote active ageing, the organisation empowers seniors to lead fulfilling lives. They offer various programs and support services that encourage physical activity, mental well-being, and social engagement among the elderly population. Action for Elders plays a crucial role in advocating for the rights and needs of older people, striving to create a society that values and respects its senior citizens. Through their efforts, they aim to foster a sense of community, independence, and dignity for older individuals in the United Kingdom.

How they support: Tackling loneliness within the older community

Action for Elders has three main areas of work to make sure that older people feel supported, fulfilled and looked after:

  • Physical wellbeing
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Social wellbeing

These are the three main focuses for the charity as older people suffer from inactivity, and therefore loneliness. They are viewed as less important and even burdensome to some, causing them to feel more isolated and worthy. By giving them the ability to be more mobile, and talk and meet with new people, Action for Elders is able to make sure that older people lead better, happier lives.

Ways you can help: Donate to Action for Elders

One of the easiest and quickest ways to support the charity is to donate today. All donations go directly to Action for Elders, helping them to support older people in the community and keep them in contact with friends, relatives and the outside world. Your donation can help them live a long, active, healthy life, therefore reducing loneliness. All donations will go towards things such as:

  • Tablets for people in care homes
  • Exercise classes
  • Training and support to help older people learn how to access the online world
  • Social groups
  • Walking programmes for health and pleasure

Other ways to donate: Play the lottery

Win up to £25,000 in the Action for Elders lottery when you enter for just £1. The lottery runs every Friday, and every week, someone has to win the top prize. 50p of the £1 entry goes towards the charity, whereas the remaining 50p goes towards the prize fund and administration. This is such a fun and easy way to show your support for the charity. There are four winners:

  • 3 digit match: 5 free entries into the next draw
  • 4 digit match: £25
  • 5 digit match: £1,000
  • 6 digit match: £25,000

So what are you waiting for? Enter into the lottery now!


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