Action For Elders aims to build a world alongside older people and others that enriches later life. We deal directly with the challenges of ageing-particularly poor health and loneliness. We work to enhance the wellbeing of older citizens ,bringing respect ,dignity and confidence into their lives and helping them to live with as much independence as possible. Through our work there will be less isolation, visits to GP surgeries and hospitals will be reduced, falls will lessen and mobility will improve, friends will be made, new skills will be learnt and later life will become a stage of life not to be feared but to be welcomed

Did you know...

1.We are small but have big impact.

2.Since 2012 we have helped over 700 older people live healthier and more independent lives.

3.We are winners of the Big Lottery Fund's 'People Millions'

4.We spent 6 years in researching our work in partnership with Sheffield University.

5.We work both in the community and in care homes.

6.We have improved balance to reduce falls in over 60% of our beneficiaries.

7.We believe that health and wellbeing services for older people should be sustainable and not short term.

8.Our work reduces the usage of prescripted medication.

9.We outsource EVERYTHING to keep our administration costs very low.

10.Our work has been featured on ITV

What makes Action for Elders different

We improve the later life of our elder citizens creating opportunities and changing attitudes so that they make the most of later life and realise that achievements are not in the past but can still be realised on a daily basis. “ I have learnt through this programme that I am not old ,just older and like a nice wine I am maturing with age"

Other ways to support

By volunteering practically for our programmes, help us with admin and to spread the word that we are doing some great work!


Elfed House,Oak Tree Court,Cardiff Gate Business Park,
CF23 8RS

Contact Number

0303 303 0132