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  • Following the ISIS invasion of Iraq in 2014, AMAR teams delivered frontline emergency services to hundreds of thousands of IDPs. Recently, they opened a health centre in Mosul for those returning home.
  • Since 2007, AMAR medical staff have carried out 4,035,708 medical consultations, and given almost 700,000 vaccinations.
  • With only seven London-based staff, the majority of the charity’s team – more than 1500 professionals and volunteers – are locally trained and educated in the Middle East. This means AMAR is not only helping rebuild nations from within but also delivering sustainable, cost-effective programmes. By signing up to Savoo and selecting Able Child Africa as your charity, they will receive free donations every time you shop online.

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Learn more about Amar Foundation

The Amar Foundation is a charity dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of people affected by conflict and displacement in the Middle East. Founded in 1991, the organisation provides vital humanitarian aid, healthcare, education, and empowerment opportunities to vulnerable populations, particularly in Iraq and the surrounding regions. Amar Foundation's mission is to alleviate the suffering of those impacted by conflict and help them rebuild their lives. They work tirelessly to deliver medical care, educational programs, and vital resources to communities in need, with a commitment to fostering long-term stability and resilience in the face of ongoing challenges in the region.

How they support: Peace-building projects and providing provisions and support

The Amar Foundation believes that basic service provision and long-term capacity building, combined with global health research and advocacy, can rebuild lives affected by war, violence, and more, in a systematic and profound way. For almost 25 years, the charity has been on the ground providing frontline emergency services to refugees, internally displaced people and other underserved populations that are suffering the effects of a natural disaster. They help to rebuild communities and provide healthcare services, as well as education projects to benefit both adults and children. Their aim is to help people heal, prosper, and grow whilst building and improving their lives and livelihoods.

Ways you can help: Fundraise for Amar Foundation

There are so many ways that you can raise money to help support this amazing charity. Your donations will go to families whose lives have been turned upside down to help them rebuild. Whether you want to partake in a bake sale, a poetry slam, a talent show, a marathon, or a sponsored silence, you can pick whatever option suits you so that you’re able to raise money without disrupting your day-to-day life.

Other ways to donate: Make a one-off or monthly donation

There are so many appeals that Amar Foundation is currently raising money for. A few examples include:

  • Help Ukrainian families fleeing from bombs
  • Basra Paediatric / Maternity / Women’s Hospital appeal
  • Yazidi Choir Appeal
  • Safe Afghani women who are under threat of death and persecution by the Taliban

By donating as much as you can to these appeals, you’ll be helping make the world a better place and creating a lasting impact upon these communities. Your contribution can be used for an array of things, such as providing food and shelter to those fleeing persecution to creating opportunities for for refugees and victims to help improve their mental health.


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