The Aspinall Foundation exists to halt the extinction of rare and endangered species in the wild. A world leader in animal husbandry, its two wildlife parks in Kent aim to provide the most natural environment possible for its captive breeding programmes. The ultimate aim is to re-introduce animals back to the wild wherever possible, and conservation projects are managed in Gabon, Congo, Indonesia and Madagascar. The Foundation works overseas to develop sustainable conservation-minded activities which provide economic benefits on a local and national scale and operates as a partner and catalyst to conservation efforts at home and abroad.

Did you know...

The Aspinall Foundation was founded by one man, John Aspinall, and its mission remains the passion of one family, under the chairmanship of John’s son, Damian Aspinall. To date the charity has reintroduced western lowland gorilla, black rhino, Przewalski horses, Javan langurs and Javan gibbons back into the wild, and offers protection to wildlife through its projects in Africa, Madagascar and Indonesia. The charity works with local communities not only to educate but also to encourage and support alternative income streams which lead to greater stability for both the local population and the environment.

What makes The Aspinall Foundation different

The Aspinall Foundation brings together captive breeding and reintroduction back to the wild wherever possible. By combining work carried out in the wildlife parks in Kent, together with the release of animals back to the wild in protected areas overseas, the charity takes a holistic approach to conservation. This concept is further enhanced by recognising the needs of human populations, and seeking to minimize the potential for conflict where it exists.

Other ways to support

There are many ways that supporters can help The Aspinall Foundation ranging from regular donations to the charity, to participating in fundraising events.

It is also possible to adopt an animal, either the more usual tigers and lions or maybe something a little different such as a red panda, or a honey badger.

Aspinall Foundation also welcomes your support via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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