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  • Over 2022-23, Aston-Mansfield delivered services to 658 young people and 167 children.
  • The charity uses an integrated and community-focused approach to make long-lasting change, offering opportunity, community and inspiration to children, families and young people in Newham and east London.
  • The charity also runs ‘Little Manor Supermarket’: its free weekly food distribution service where families are given a personal time slot during which they can collect various food products. During 2022-2023, 244 family members and 67 families benefitted from the supermarket. i>

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Learn more about Aston-Mansfield

Aston-Mansfield is committed to providing dedicated support to children through various initiatives and programmes. The organisation recognises the significance of early childhood development and strives to impact young individuals' lives positively. By collaborating with schools, community centres, and local authorities, Aston-Mansfield tailors its approach to address the unique needs of children. Through educational workshops, events, and extracurricular activities, the organisation aims to foster a nurturing environment that promotes learning and personal growth for children across diverse backgrounds.

How they support: Working with Children

Aston-Mansfield demonstrates an unwavering commitment to supporting children through various programmes such as the daily Breakfast Club, Afterschool Club, and Holiday Playscheme. These initiatives are designed to provide children with a safe and nurturing environment outside regular school hours. The Daily Breakfast Club ensures that children start their day with a nutritious meal, fostering a positive and healthy routine. The Afterschool Club offers structured activities, aiding in both educational and social development. Additionally, the Holiday Playscheme provides:

  • A valuable resource for parents during school breaks.
  • Offering engaging activities and supervision for children.
  • Contributing to their overall well-being.

Ways you can help: Search and Shop using Savoo

Although you could donate to the charity, another way to support Aston-Mansfield is by using certain platforms to do your shopping. When you use Savoo Search as your default search engine, they will donate 1p for every search you make. Plus, if you use one of their discount codes or deals when shopping and select ‘Aston-Mansfield’ as the charity of your choice, Savoo will donate part of the commission that it makes from you using their discount code to Aston-Mansfield.

Other ways you can help: Volunteer

By volunteering with Aston-Mansfield, you’ll be helping the charity to achieve its core mission and objectives. You’ll be part of their bright and vibrant team of volunteers, working hard to make a difference. Different roles include being a receptionist, a creative, a digital assistant, and an outreach officer.


Durning Hall, Earlham Grove, Forest Gate
E7 9AB

Contact Number

020 3740 8100