To ensure a better life for carers in Bath and North East Somerset. A carer is anyone who is looking after someone who is ill, disabled or frail and needs significant support to manage day to day.

Did you know...

1) BaNES Carers’ Centre is here to support carers of all ages, including children and young people. We work with children as young as 5 who are affected by an ill or disabled sibling or parent – even when not providing care, this changes the family dynamic and has an effect on everyone.

2) Adult carers can also be deeply impacted by a caring role. Adult carers are more likely to have physical or mental health problems than those who are not looking after someone. We can offer free counselling for up to 12 sessions with a trained counsellor for carers who are struggling to cope.

3) We’ve been around since 1996 supporting carers in our area.

What makes BaNES Cares' Centre different

We are the only charity in BaNES who’s sole focus is carers. Working with people from age 5 to 105 we put carers at the heart of our service by asking them what services they would like to see and including them in all our planning. We also provide opportunities for them to influence decision making across health and social care services locally.

Other ways to support

Our supporters can volunteer their time, services, or goods, take part in challenge events and fundraise for us (such as the Bath Half Marathon) or even just take the time to think if they know anyone who’s looking after someone and could use a little extra support. If they’re outside Bath and North East Somerset check out Carers’ Trust to find a local support centre.


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Contact Number

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