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  • Bike 4 Cancer was set up by a group of keen cyclists who have all lost a family member or close friend to cancer.
  • For a day or a week, Bike 4 Cancer takes cancer patients and their families away from the disease and the nightmare that they are living through and offers them the chance to rebuild relationships, create positive memories and have some quality fun time together.
  • From the moment you are diagnosed with cancer, your life is taken over by hospital visits, treatments, tests, uncertainty, and often, financial worries.

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Learn more about Bike 4 Cancer

Bike 4 Cancer focuses on utilising cycling as a means to support individuals affected by cancer. With a mission centred on providing respite and relief for cancer patients, the charity organises cycling events and initiatives to raise funds for practical support, holidays, and complementary therapies. Bike 4 Cancer also actively engages in awareness campaigns to highlight the physical and mental benefits of cycling for those undergoing cancer treatment. By combining the passion for cycling with a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of cancer patients and their families, the charity strives to contribute to their well-being and create a supportive community.

How they support: Biking to support

Recognizing the physical and emotional challenges that cancer patients and their families face, the charity organises cycling events and initiatives to raise funds for practical assistance, respite breaks, and complementary therapies. By leveraging the passion for cycling, Bike 4 Cancer not only generates financial support but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie. The funds raised contribute directly to programs that aim to enhance the well-being of those affected by cancer, offering not just financial aid but also emotional and practical support.

Ways you can help: Fundraising

Those passionate about supporting Bikes 4 Cancer can actively contribute by engaging in fundraising activities. By organising events such as sponsored rides, charity races, or community cycling challenges, participants can generate financial support to aid cancer patients and their families. Fundraising efforts can also involve seeking sponsorships, setting up online donation campaigns, or hosting awareness campaigns to gain community support. Every contribution, whether big or small, directly fuels Bikes 4 Cancer's mission to provide practical assistance and complementary therapies for those affected by cancer.

Other ways you can help: Donating

Whether it's a one-time donation or regular contributions, each financial contribution you make to Bike 4 Cancer plays a crucial role in facilitating the charity's mission to provide support to individuals affected by cancer. Donations enable Bikes 4 Cancer to organise cycling events and initiatives that not only raise awareness but also generate essential funds to directly benefit those facing the challenges of cancer.


142 Albion Street, Office 25-26
West Sussex
BN42 4AX

Contact Number

0845 408 1849