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Brain Tumour Support

  • Every day in the U.K., approximately 45 people face a brain tumour diagnosis. Brain tumours affect people not just physically but also psychologically, emotionally and socially. It can have a life-changing impact.
  • The charity supports not just the patient but family, friends and carers - anyone who is affected. People frequently have to manage the impact of a brain tumour for a very long time, often many years. They will offer support whenever and for as long as it is needed.
  • Brain Tumour Support relies solely on fundraising and private donations. Their work receives no statutory funding.

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Learn more about Brain Tumour Support

Brain Tumour Support revolves around providing crucial assistance to individuals affected by brain tumours. Committed to improving the quality of life for those facing this challenging diagnosis, the organisation offers practical and emotional support through various programs and services. Brain Tumour Support focuses on creating a supportive community where individuals, their families, and friends can connect, share experiences, and find comfort. Through counselling services, support groups, and educational resources, the charity addresses the complex physical and emotional needs of those dealing with brain tumours.

How they support: Funding for researchers

Recognising the critical need for advancements in brain tumour research, Brain Tumour Support channels the funds raised towards scientific endeavours aimed at better understanding, treating, and ultimately finding a cure for this condition. By actively participating in fundraising campaigns, the charity not only generates financial support but also raises awareness about the importance of research in improving outcomes for those affected. The charity's commitment to funding research reflects a holistic approach to supporting individuals, as it seeks to contribute to the development of more effective treatments and interventions.

Ways you can help: Fundraise

Individuals eager to support the charity can make a significant impact by engaging in fundraising initiatives. By organising events and campaigns or participating in existing fundraisers, you can contribute essential financial resources to the organisation. These funds play a crucial role in sustaining the various support programs, counselling services, and educational initiatives offered by Brain Tumour Support. Whether through sponsored activities, charity runs, or community events, each fundraising effort not only generates financial support but also raises awareness about the challenges faced by those affected by brain tumours.

Other ways you can help: Volunteer

By offering your time and skills, volunteers contribute to the various programs and services the charity provides to individuals affected by brain tumours. Whether assisting in support groups, organising events, or helping with administrative tasks, volunteers play a crucial role in creating a supportive community for those facing these challenging diagnoses. Their dedication helps foster connections, share experiences, and provide practical and emotional support to individuals and their families.


Lancaster House, Bristol Road, Thornbury
South Gloucestershire
BS35 2AR

Contact Number

01454 414355