Breast Cancer Haven is a charity that supports women throughout the entire process of their breast cancer treatment. Being diagnosed with this type of cancer can be terrifying and the treatment exhausting. The treatments vary which include, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and medication that can all take its toll. These treatments have side effects such as hair loss but necessary.

This is why Breast Cancer Haven exists today. They offer advice on important factors like money and work, with helping combating stress, exhaustion and nausea, advice on healthy eating and exercise. Most importantly, there is always someone available to support people with their deepest fears. Breast Cancer Haven has a combination of professionals such as nurses, therapists, counsellors and advisers who are trained to listen to individuals concerns. They give people all types of support in a holistic manner including practical, emotional and physical such as in the form of discussion groups. Every patient is different so the Charity tailors their approach to each patient. Their support is free and available to everybody in their Breast Cancer Haven centres – which provide a tranquil and safe environment to give victims comfort.

You might be surprised to hear...

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. The Charity realise that these women need to be supported. All are welcome, whatever stage in the process they are– whether they have just been diagnosed, having treatment or in recovery. Doctor’s referrals are not needed.

The victim to breast cancer is not the only person affected. The pain spreads to their friends and family as they cannot do anything to directly help their loved one. This is why Breast Cancer Haven offer 4 hours of free counseling to friends and family to help support them through this difficult time.

The work for Breast Cancer Haven began in Fulham during 2000 and have many centers across the UK. The charity has been able to buy all the centres apart from the Fulham branch where the lease will run out in summer 2019.

How your donations make an impact?

£15 could help to run our drop-in sessions for women looking for advice and support

£25 could help towards providing acupuncture to relieve pain

£50 could help pay for a counselling session

How else to support the work of Breast Cancer Haven

There are many fun creative ways to show your support for the charity. This can be as simple as volunteering at events, taking part in bucket collections, attending a gentle yoga session, volunteer to help run their onsite kitchens, asking your workplace to donate gifts for auctions and spread the word about they do to all your friends and family.


Breast Cancer Haven, Dowgate Hill House

Contact Number

020 7384 0000