BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) is an independent healthcare charity which supports and encourages reproductive choice, helping over 70,000 women a year by providing reproductive healthcare services at clinics in the UK. This includes pregnancy counselling, abortion care, miscarriage management and contraception. BPAS ensures women are made to feel comfortable as they receive a confidential and safe service from the Charity. Not only does BPAS help women through their pregnancy but tackles other issues such as STI’s and male fertility

BPAS still need donations to encourage research in the advancement of science in matters concerning fertility. More importantly, their mission to facilitate safe legal abortion and to educate the public on unwanted pregnancies will be strengthened by donations.

You may not know...

BPAS launched in 1968 in Brimingham, 18 months after the Abortion Act in 1967 which was the historic law that legalised abortion by licensed doctors.

They provide around one third of abortions in the UK. The Charity assist 96% of women with receiving fully funded care through the NHS, taking care of almost 80,000 women a year.

The Charity gained attention from the media in 2011 after a High Court ruling where they argued to have the definition of ‘treatment’ reviewed legally under the abortion act. This allowed women to legally posses a 2nd drug used in medical abortion in their own homes. BPAS bravely argued at the time that this would improve the processes of the UK system just like countries such as the USA and Sweden.

Their ‘Just Say Non’ campaign managed to half the price of emergency contraception from £30 to £13 from retailers such as Superdrug and Tesco.

What makes BPAS different

BPAS is a unique organisation as it falls under both a service provider and advocate for choice. The charity has launched a number of successful campaigns that aim to improve safe access for women to abortion and contraception services. They offer impartial support and advice at every stage of their service. The charity will continue to fight for women for as long as they need.

Important dates for your calendar

10th to 16th February - Pregnancy Awareness Week

8th March - International Women’s Day

27th April - BPAS’s Birthday

Ways to support BPAS

Join one of their pro-choice campaigns such as ‘back off’

Sign-up to the BPAS newsletter to keep up with news and to find out more about how you can help protect women’s rights and support BPAS clinics across the UK.

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