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  • Buglife strives for a wildlife-rich planet where species, including invertebrates, thrive alongside people.
  • The charity aims to stop invertebrate species' extinction and achieve sustainable populations of invertebrates.
  • They will accomplish this by protecting, improving and expanding the bug's habitats and strengthening the respect given to bug species. By signing up to Savoo and selecting ‘Buglife’ as your charity, they will receive free donations every time you shop online.

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Learn more about Buglife

Buglife focuses on the preservation of invertebrates and their habitats. Their mission is to halt the decline of essential species like bees and butterflies through conservation projects, education, and advocacy. Buglife works towards a world where invertebrates thrive alongside humans, emphasising the interconnectedness of all living beings and promoting sustainable land management.

How they support: B-Lines

Buglife helps insects through B-Lines, which are like special highways made of wildflowers. These pathways connect different natural areas, making it easier for insects like bees and butterflies to travel around. By creating these B-Lines, Buglife is making sure that insects have good places to live and move, which is important for the health of our environment. This helps not only the bees and butterflies but also many other small creatures, making sure our world stays balanced and diverse.

Ways you can help: One-off donation

If you want to support Buglife, but can only donate one time, that’s still great! Here is what your donation will cover:

  • £5: This will buy enough plug plants to plant up one square metre of wildflowers into existing grassland
  • £25: This will buy enough wildflower seed to sow 50 square metres, helping extend their B-lines network and provide more connectivity for wild pollinators.
  • £50: This could purchase sufficient hand tools to translocate rare invertebrate nests such as the Narrow-headed ant.

Other ways to donate: Adopt a Square Metre of B-Line

Supporting Buglife is easy and impactful through the ‘Adopt a Square Metre of B-Line’ program. By participating, individuals contribute to creating and maintaining wildflower-rich habitats within the B-Lines network. This initiative allows Buglife to establish crucial corridors for insects to thrive and move freely across landscapes. Participants effectively adopt a square meter of this special habitat, ensuring that it remains a safe and nourishing space for vital pollinators like bees and butterflies. Through this hands-on approach, individuals directly support Buglife's mission to protect invertebrates and promote biodiversity, positively impacting the health of ecosystems and the environment.


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