Buglife strives for a wildlife-rich planet where species, including invertebrates, thrive alongside people. The charity aims to stop the extinction of invertebrate species and to achieve sustainable populations of invertebrates. They will accomplish this by protecting, improving and expanding the bugs habitats and strengthening the respect given to bug species.

This charity exists to 'save the small things that run the planet' by:

  • Mobilising, inspiring, enabling and persuading others to take action
  • Undertaking practical conservation projects.
  • Promoting the value of invertebrates
  • Shaping the development of relevant legislation

But Buglife needs our help!

Did you know...

  • 8 out of every 10 wildflowers is dependent on pollinators to survive. Without bees their would be no strawberries, apples or pears, to name but a few of the edible plants dependent on pollination.

  • The dung beetle has a value to UK farmers of around a quarter of a billion pounds per annum.

  • Invertebrates make up over two thirds of all known life forms.

What makes Buglife different

Buglife is the only charity in Europe dedicated to the conservation of all invertebrates. They were born out of the conservation movement when it was realised that no one was there to speak up for the small things - the bugs - that run the planet

Other ways to support

Other than choosing to support Buglife through Savoo Search, Save and Raise, you can do something for bees in your very own garden, such as creating a mini-wildflower meadow, planting herbs and putting up bee and bug homes. You could also join local events to create pollinator friendly areas close to the bees homes.


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