Build Africa's Education programme supports rural Kenyan and Ugandan children throughout their entire learning journey, from pre-primary and primary education to secondary school and then into the working world. The charity's Livelihoods programme compliments this pledge by working with adults to make sure they can earn a decent living, feed their families and support their own children’s education.

Their mission is to see people in Africa leading fulfilling, happy lives, and to partner with African communities to create lasting educational and livelihood opportunities.

Did you know

Build Africa is working with vulnerable girls in Kwale, Kenya, to ensure that young women cam start to feel safer, and that communities work together to support their education.

  • 83% of disadvantaged girls the charity worked with last year now demonstrate a higher level of self-worth, whilst 91% now see themselves as a positive role model.

  • 92% of those the charity worked with on their Wasichana Project in Kenya now say they feel better protected from violence and abuse in their community.

What makes Build Africa different

The charity's continued consultation process gives the people they work with a voice, and ensures that they can continue to directly identify their priorities, the problems they face, and the solutions that are needed. Build Africa takes time to understand the unique needs of each community they work with, and they aim to always maintain strong, ongoing relationships with the people they work with. "We listen to people, and empower them to create genuine change for their communities."

Other ways to support

There are lots of ways you can help support Build Africa. Firstly, make sure that you choose to support them at before you start searching, saving and raising!

You could take part in a running event such as the London Marathon or the Royal Parks Half Marathon. And adventure seekers could apply to take part in an overseas challenge such as climbing the highest free-standing mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro. Visit for more information.

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