Butterfly Conservation is the UK charity dedicated to saving butterflies, moths and our environment.

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About Butterfly Conservation

Butterfly Conservation is a British charity devoted to saving butterflies, moths and their habitats throughout the UK. Its core vision is to create a world where butterflies and moths thrive and can be enjoyed by everyone, forever.

Learn More About Butterfly Conservation

Did you know that three quarters of the UK’s butterfly species have declined during the last decade? This is a warning that cannot be ignored. Butterflies and moths are key indicators of the health of our environment. They connect us to nature and contribute to our wellbeing, which is why Butterfly Conservation works tirelessly to improve landscapes for butterflies and moths, creating a better environment for us all.

The organisation provides advice to landowners and managers on how to conserve and restore habitats. They gather extensive butterfly and moth data and conduct research to provide the scientific evidence that underpins our work. We have an established record of reversing declines. We run programmes for more than 100 threatened species and are involved in conserving hundreds of sites and reserves.

Get Involved with Butterfly Conservation

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Butterfly Conservation works throughout the UK to save butterflies, moths and our environment. Its research provides advice on how to conserve and restore habitats. The organisation runs projects to protect more than 100 threatened species and are involved in conserving hundreds of sites and reserves.

Getting involved is easy. The Big Butterfly Count takes place between 12th July and 4th August, and is a UK-wide survey that will help the charity assess the environment's health. There are multiple more ways to get involved with Butterfly Conservation, such as:


The simplest way for people to support the charity's work is to take part in recording butterflies and moths, there are lots of different types of records ranging from very simple to more complex. Butterfly Conservation runs schemes to monitor butterflies & moths which involve over 40,000 volunteer recorders. Anyone can take part, from butterfly beginners to experienced recorders.

Take Part

Join thousands of people across the UK making room for butterflies and moths by creating a Wild Space where nature can thrive. You don't need a garden to make more room for nature. Whether you live in a flat with a balcony or a house with a patio, you can help make a difference.


By becoming a member you will help save endangered species from extinction, help to restore natural habitats for butterflies, enjoy access to butterfly nature reserves across the UK, and so much more. Butterfly Conservation also regularly runs work parties at reserves and project sites, which people can get involved with.


Butterfly Conservation relies on the support of thousands of volunteers, and it is always looking for more help inside the office and in the field. Whether you want to volunteer at a local branch, get outside and help manage our nature reserves or help with one of our events, it has something for everyone to get involved in! Your time can make a real difference.

Monthly Donations To Butterfly Conservation

If you're able to contribute, here's what the following amounts will go towards:

  • £5 can buy 10 wildflower seed packs to plant new nectar rich flowers for butterflies.
  • £10 could buy 120 butterfly identification leaflets to help people learn about the butterflies they see.
  • £20 can improve 300 sq metres of coppice for rare woodland butterflies

If you decide to donate less, that's more than enough. Every pound is greatly appreciated.

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Contact Butterfly Conservation Today

Butterfly Conservation can be contacted by telephone or email. For telephone enquiries, please contact 01929 400 209 and for email enquiries its info@butterfly-conservation.org. For more information, please visit the website directly.


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