Challengers run play and leisure schemes for disabled children and young people aged 2-25 across Surrey and Hampshire. For the children and young people we support, Challengers is likely to be the only play or leisure environment that disabled children can access outside of their home or school. Our vital work also provides a crucial short-break to families who are exhausted from the demands of caring.

Did you know...

84% of disabled children don’t have any access to regular play and leisure opportunities. 76% parent carers experience stress or depression.71% of parents say their child is happier since attending Challengers. 80% of families said Challengers was essential to their lives

What makes Challengers different

23% of the children who come to Challengers have been turned away from all other providers because their needs are seen as too complex. At Challengers, we never turn a child away.

Other ways to support

By spreading the word about Challengers, helping to raise awareness of our work and introduce potential new supporters to us


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Contact Number

01483 230060