Challengers is a charity that’s passionate about breaking down the barriers to play by providing inclusive play and leisure schemes and has helped over 1,400 disabled children and young people aged 2-18 across the South East.

Challengers schemes allow disabled children and young people the opportunity to play with their friends, have fun and most importantly challenge their impairments.

Uniquely, their non-exclusion policy means that everyone is welcome at a Challengers scheme, no matter how complex their needs might be. Where others say no, Challengers says yes.

Challengers’ work also allows parents a vital break from the huge demands that may come with caring for a disabled child or young person. Families have expressed that the Challenger lifeline of support keeps them strong. Their ultimate vision is to have a world where all young people can play together, freely.

You might be surprised to hear...

84% of parents say their children are able to challenge their impairment through play.

71% of parents say their child is happier since attending Challengers.

80% of families said Challengers was essential to their lives.

29% of the children who attend Challengers have been turned away from all other providers because their needs are seen as too complex. At Challengers, they never turn a child away.


Stoke Park

Contact Number

01483 230060