Challengers provide play and leisure opportunities for disabled children and young people aged 2-25 across the UK. The purpose of the charity is to provide a space for young disbaled people to have fun, meet friends and challenge their impairments through play. Challengers is likely to be the only play or leisure environment that disabled children can access outside of their home or school. Since loved ones are always caring for their disabled family members, Challengers wants to provide a crucial short-break to families who are exhausted from the demands of caring and help them to feel liberated.

The charity believe strongly in a non-exclusion policy which means they assist any child no matter how serious their condition. They arose due to the fact in the 1970’s there was little help for disbaled children which resulted in them being isolated. This resulted in the Challengers offering free swimming classes for disbaled children which is now in their Ethos and sets them apart.Their ultimate vision is to have a world where all young people can play together, freely.

You might be surprised to hear...

84% of disabled children don’t have any access to any regular play and leisure opportunities.

84% of parents say their children are able to challenge their impairment through play.

76% parent carers experience stress or depression.

71% of parents say their child is happier since attending Challengers & 80% of families said Challengers was essential to their lives.

23% of the children who come to Challengers have been turned away from all other providers because their needs are seen as too complex. At Challengers, we never turn a child away.

The Charity was first established in Guilford in 1979 and have been challenging the barriers of play for over 40 years.

How your donations impact the Charity?

£10 could pay for 2 young people to enjoy an afternoon accessible cycling.

£20 could pay for a drama and games workshop to come and visit one of their schemes.

£50 could pay for a Challengers playworker to attend a day of vital first-aid training.

Ways to support Challengers

This is where you can get creative! The Charity are happy for people to organise their own event. If you are looking for inspiration you can take this from one of their supporters; Alice who arranged a sponsored silence that raised over £1000.

Other methods can be anything from simply spreading the word about Challengers, helping to raise awareness of their work and introducing potential new supporters to them such as a business.


Stoke Park

Contact Number

01483 230060