Contact the Elderly

Contact the Elderly is the only national charity dedicated solely to addressing loneliness and tackling social isolation amongst elderly people.

A huge amount of support is provided by the charity's generous network of volunteers who host monthly afternoon tea parties for small groups of over 75's living alone. These tea parties offer a real lifeline for these elderly people who have little or no contact with family or friends. These types of events bring people together and enable older people to forge meaningful friendships.

Did you know...

Contact the Elderly was founded in 1965 by Trevor Lyttleton who had begun encouraging younger members of his local community to volunteer their time and engage in regular personal contact with their isolated older neighbours.

What makes Contact the Elderly different

This is now the only charity with 50 years experience solely dedicated to relieving loneliness and isolation in old age.

Other ways to support

Volunteering for their local group, and let your employers know about Contact the Elderly


2 Grosvenor Gardens

Contact Number

020 7240 0630